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    What do we do?

    Political Action

    We work to create a collective force that articulates visual artists in front of the administration and against the abuses of capitalism

    The PAAC, which fills the gap left by the former AAVC, is the main association of visual artists in Catalonia that tries to articulate a collective voice of visual artists in all their heterogeneity. It is for this reason that our strength is also assembly, that is, listening, debating, and building with the strength of all.

    The actions we are currently carrying out include:

    • Continued dialogue with the administrations, especially with those that have a budget dedicated to the promotion of creation:
      • Department of Culture - Creation Area of ​​the Generalitat de Catalunya
      • ICUB - Barcelona City Council
      • Ministry of Culture - Government of Spain
      • Culture Department of the Barcelona Provincial Council
      • CoNCA.
    • Dialogue with agents in the sector: Visual Arts Platform (Network of Art Centers, Xarxaprod, ACCA, Art Barcelona, ​​Gallery Guild)
    • Dialogue with cultural and museum institutions in order to shake up the contemporary art scene and promote lines of involvement of these institutions in the production and financing of artistic actions, such as the Prototypes
    • Fight for a dignified legal framework for artists, the Artist's Statute, with the UNION de Artistas Contemporáneos, an association of which we are part
    • Fight for a Universal Basic Income, with the Basic Income Network and the Murga Cooperative.
    • We fight for good practices in the sector
    • We are a meeting point for contemporary artists and citizens committed to art as a means of expression and development of critical sense
    • We spread what worries us and raise our voice when necessary.
    • We look for and offer specific resources to those who need it with the Resistance Box

    Do you want to do strength with us? Join us.