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    August 2020: twelve artists reflect on the role of the artist based on article 2 of the PAAC statutes, what is the role of the artist in the professional market, what are the limits between institution and market, how we can imagine other ways of to organize ourselves, to combat precariousness, which remains on the margins of the institution ... we try to answer these and other questions.

    “I am writing an e-mail to convene presences that resonate with me, in different ways, as valuable for this collective initiative. It is not a messianic task or a new xenon gospel, nor is it intended to be condescending or easily digestible for heteropatriarchal structures. Our vulnerability protects us. But this is only visible with the right perspective. ”

    Thus begins Alba Mayol Textus, our publication that aims to be a set of texts from a heterogeneous group of voices, contributions from which a first intersectional, non-normative, non-hierarchical theoretical corpus can emerge.

    The difference, the point in common. Writing as an open field, without pre-established rules or parameters to talk about issues that concern us as the worker of culture as a socio-economic actor, the relationship between culture and ideology, public affairs and the institution, community/ies, mutual support, market, precarious and subversion strategies, artwashing, body putting and others.


    iki yos piña narváez funes, Itziar González Virós, Lara García Díaz, Lucía Egaña, Mafe Moskito, Nancy Garin, Pablo España / Luis Navarro, Tere Badia, Toni Navarro, Yessi Perse; design and layout by Blanca Crovetto;

    Cover Yessi PERSE

    Typography by Charlotte Rohde

    Translation and proofreading by Alba Mayol and Rubén Verdú.

    Trilingual edition Catalan, Spanish and English preface to care Alba Mayol.

    Printed at Impresum in Valencia.
    ISBN 978-84-09-17655-7

    With the financial contribution of Barcelona City Council and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya

    Send us an email to paac@paac.cat and we will inform you how to get Textus